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Thalass' Texture Mod Page [w/tutorial]

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1Thalass' Texture Mod Page [w/tutorial] Empty Thalass' Texture Mod Page [w/tutorial] on 27th December 2012, 7:27 am

[In-Progress] Red Antanium: Makes all Antanium, Antanium items and Bottomless Chest in game a lovely legit red.
Estimated Time Arrival: This is in the hands of jerzeeshadow
Thalass' Texture Mod Page [w/tutorial] Iconpreview
What's left? jerzeeshadow to take screenshots for a preview.


Antanium Menu: Replaces normal menu logo with one made out of beautiful Antanium.
Download: http://heroesofjunkjack.blogspot.com/2012/12/antanium-menu-logo.html

Thalass' Texture Mod Page [w/tutorial] Antaniummenupreview


Tutorial: With this tutorial, it will make creating and mixing desired textures so much easier!
Thalass' Texture Mod Page [w/tutorial] Jjtut

The new URL is the one in my signature.

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