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Junk Jack X begginer's Guide

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1 Junk Jack X begginer's Guide on 29th August 2013, 10:08 am

I'm working on modifying Tye-dye's JJ1 beginner's guide to make it into a JJX one, and assistance would be appreciated. I believe that most of us are mods here, so we should all be able to edit this post.

Work in progress beginner's guide based off of tye-dye's original
-starting out in Junk Jack can be quite overwhelming at first, but you will pick it up in no time!
Thank you all for reading this! This topic now has 100k views o: I decided I should probably improve it so I have added crafting recipes in which have all come from the Official Wiki
[size=150]OFFICIAL WIKI HERE: http://wiki.pixbits.com[/size]
^Visit this if you have any more queries on how to start or where to go after you have read this!

[size=150]I have updated this guide for version 1.2.4 of Junk Jack which will sadly be the last update of it.[/size]

Also I don't really want to advertise, but if you wanted to you could check out my Junk Jack let's play which may help you start off, but some of the crafts are out of date -> http://tinyurl.com/pvs4gqu

[size=150]1: YOUR FIRST DAY AND NIGHT CYCLE[/size]
-Starting out right is crucial in Junk Jack so make sure you know what you are doing!

To craft you open up your inventory and there should be a 3x3 box on the right side of the inventory this is the crafting box. I would also suggest opening up your craft book and reading through that to see how to move and get a general view of the game. I suggest having simple crafting off because of 3 reasons:
1. You can easily craft things en mass with the normal crafting grid after putting your materials into place, but it will take the same amount of time to craft every single object with simple mode.
2. In simple mode, you can only craft recipes that you have the recipes for, whereas in normal mode you can craft anything as long as you have the materials. As a bonus, crafting something will give you the craftnote for it even if you didn't already have it!
3. In simple mode, you have 10 less inventory slots than in normal mode (although, on the flip side, you can always craft items as long as you have the materials).
You can split a stack of say wood by double clicking it,
Then when you are ready press the crafting button beneath the crafting box, some items may require you to tap on a crafting addon when near one, such as an anvil used for making metal tools, but we will cover these later on Smile

First off you will want to find the closest tree and punch it to death, depending on your controls (which you can change in the options menu) you can either repeatedly tap it or just hold it and it will come down.
Run around and pick up its remains, you should now have some wood, leaves and possibly an apple or two.
You will now need to make some WOODEN PLANKS, which are the basis for many crafts.

Wood can be anywhere in crafting slot.
I will refer to wooden planks as just planks from now on.

Next on the list of things to do, you may want to make yourself a wonderful PICKAXE to aid you on your journey.
When you get stone you can replace the wood with stone to upgrade your trusty pick.

After getting a good haul of stone (maybe some coal too)
You will want to make an AXE (you can't get enough wood!)
You can replace the wood with stone in the crafting recipe below.

By now, your main goal should be to get coal! You need as much as you can get before nightfalls and you are thrown head first into total darkness. Coal can spawn in a numerous amount of blocks, the most common of which are dirt and stone.
It is quite a common ore near the surface but you need to make sure you have it.

After getting some coal you NEED to make TORCHES which will be the one thing that saves your life.
If you cannot see, you will not be able to see the mobs which are attacking you

When night falls terrifying monsters come out, and unless you are properly defended, you will die.
Dying is quite annoying if you moved away from your spawn locations so I would suggest arming yourself with some kind of defensive weapon. The simplest weapon to make is a SWORD so make sure you have one or two with you!
You can replace the wood with stone in the crafting recipe below.

You will probably want to do some diggy hole action so it would be wise to equip yourself with a nice little SHOVEL which will speed up the time of mining some blocks considerably, (such as dirt and sand)
You can replace the wood with stone in the crafting recipe below.

Chop some more wood down as you will need a lot!
Since player inventory travels across worlds you could make a new world just for tree chopping which will save you the trouble of replanting and messing up the look of your main world

You now know how to craft the main tools.

When digging you will occasionally find papers, these are called craft-notes.
They contain recipes used to craft items. You don't need the recipe to craft the item, you just need to know how to craft, which is where these come in.
To put a craft-note in your craft-book, open your inventory then touch and hold on the craft-note for a second or two.
It will be stored in your book, which acts as a little collection tutorial / craft book
collecting all the pages will really help
You can also buy a completed craftbook and support the developers, which will be incredibly useful if you wanted to know some quite advanced crafts.

You will probably want to think of making a place of residence now
ie house :L
Your first house shouldnt be too fancy just out of wood or random blocks and will be designed to last you your first night and protect you from the horrors which emerge at night.
You can spend you first night underground which will help as you will get both materials and not have to deal with mobs, but make sure you bring enough torches!

On your first night I would advise just making a mine like tunnel down like steps
:stone: :stone:
:stone: :stone: :stone:
:stone: :stone: :stone: :stone:

This should get you enough stone, ores and coal or everything
You may also find little crates underground which are the same size as blocks. You should break every crate you come across as these are incredibly useful for craft-notes, planks and nails, which we will cover later.

You should now have managed to get through your first night, hopefully in one piece Wink

[size=150]2: ADVANCED CRAFTING - ADDONS[/size]
-So you are now feeling pretty confident right? You can kill a few slimes and skulls but you haven't even scratched the surface yet.

Addons are the gateway to more advanced crafts and better tools. If you do not make and utilise them, you will be stuck on the surface forever....
Addons include, forge, anvil, loom, etc....

Workbenches are used for nearly every craft in this game, be it furniture or crafting more addons. You need to have one before you can craft the other addons.
To craft a work bench, you will first need to make a WOODEN HAMMER, this is another kind of tool which we haven't covered yet as you would not really need one up until now. They are used for destroying various blocks such as furniture, and are also needed for opening rare chests underground.

You can replace the wood with stone to make a better hammer, but you need a wooden one to craft a workbench.

After making the hammer you can make the workbench like this.

To use a work bench you just have to stand near it and either open your crafting grid or tap the workbench, when you do so a little box will appear next to your 3x3 crafting grid, in the shape of a hammer.
This means you can craft recipes which require the use of a workbench. Craft-notes with this little box mean they need a workbench to be crafted.

You may have noticed by now, your inventory is getting a bit full and you need a place to store all your junk.
This is where chests come in. The most basic of all chests is a wooden chest which can store 12 items.
To craft them you need nails, you will hopefully have a few from crates which you have destroyed while mining.
If you do not you will have to wait a bit to craft a chest.
Here is the crafting recipe for a chest:

Forges are used for smelting a lot of things, such as sand and ores, so you will want to make one pretty soon to add to your base. Thankfully the craft is pretty easy (:

You will probably want to place it down next to your workbench so you can stand in one place and have access to a number of addons.

After killing a few Mr. Sheepies, you will get some raw wool which look like little balls.
These have no real use like this so will need to be processed into yarn and then into cloth blocks.

To make yarn from raw wool you will need to make a spinning wheel, which requires nails so make sure you have some!

To make yarn put raw wool in your crafting grid, while standing near the spinning wheel.

You will get 2 yarn from this

You will then need a loom to finally craft the yarn into cloth.
This requires yarn to make (:

I would suggest putting both your loom and spinning wheel in a different place to where you placed your workbench as these addons are only really used in making cloth blocks

You should then turn the yarn into wool like so;

Cloth can be dyed with various dyes you find and craft throughout your world -slime goo is a common dye

You can finally get a good night sleep! I mean your character has been awake for nearly two days now o:
To make a bed, grab that beautiful cloth you just made and head over to your crafting bench.

Place the bed down then tap it, and whazam! You have now moved your spawn point, so if you do die while adventuring you can wake up safely in the comfort of your own home!
You can also sleep in your bed to skip the night! To do so stand on in the same block your bed is on and click the bed.
This is very useful for avoiding dealing with any kind of mob. Sleeping will also fully heal you.

At this point, you either have a really drafty house, with gaping holes in the side, or have sealed yourself in. Neither of which is very healthy, so you will probably wish to craft yourself a door.
You need nails, so if you still do not have any by this point you are screwed. Go and do some more mining Wink


[size=150]3: ORES AND BETTER TOOLS[/size]
-so you are all decked out with your stone tools, but there must be more to life then stone right?!

While you were busy mining away underground, you may have noticed some shiny little ores in various blocks.
These are either a metal ore, salt crystals, sulfur crystals or gems.
The most common of which, are metal ores. These can be smelted down using your anvil to upgrade your tools!
Here is a nice little table showing the strength and rarity of tools and ores.
Strength of tools weakest->strongest
Rarity of ores common->rare
The last few ores you probably will not find for a while now, especially Antanium, which I haven't even found yet D:
A good tip is not to make any kind of iron tool, as iron ingots are very useful in crafting so it would not be wise wasting any on tools. Silver is easy to find if you get down far enough!

When you break a block with a metal ore in it, metal ore lumps will fall out. These need to be smelted into ingots to be of any use to you. Run over to your forge with some metal lumps and coal.

Replace the orange coloured ore (copper) with what ever you have!

You will need some iron ingots to start of crafting any kind of metal tool, so either go back to mining if you don't have any, or continue reading if you do.

An anvil is an extremely useful addon to have however, requires 3 iron ingots to make. Run over to your workbench and make one like so;

Place it down next to your forge, you should have the forge, workbench and anvil all together in a row. So if you stand in the middle you will have access to all 3 (:

Now you can craft any kind of tool you need with the ingots you have to improve your mining speed or damage you can do to mobs.

-We have now covered the basics of the game, and you should be able to take over from here (:
-I will share with you some more useful knowledge and useful crafts to know!

A widget is a good thing to know how to craft, which if you do not have the recipe you will probably be confused by what it is. They are used in a number of crafting recipes from metal chests (with more space) to reinforced doors.
You need a iron ingot and a copper ingot to make this.

Nails are also useful to craft if you ever run out of the ones you find.
This craft gives you 9 nails for every iron ingot.

Nails are used in almost every craft so make sure you have a plentiful supply.

Bars are used in many crafts, from furniture to cooking addons so here is how to make em!
You get 3 bars for every 2 ingots you use.

Here is some free tips which will help you.

Underground you will find many containers which when broken will drop a ton of items, blocks and even tools!
VASES look like this

When broken they will give you glass shards, but also a spider or two may pop out so be aware of them before you smash them while next to them.
TOOLBOXES can also be found underground which look like this

When broken these will drop various ingots, tools and crafting supplies!
CRATES can also be found and come in various styles

The loot you get from them depends on the style, but you can get crafting supplies, seeds, bandages and pills from them.
They are the main source of nails for most people.
DUNGEON CHESTS can also be found underground, here is an example of a gold one.

These come in varying strength and will need a hammer to break. Depending on which kind of hammer they need will decided what kind of loot is in the chest, eg a diamond dungeon chest contains the best kind of chest loot.
Different kinds of dungeon chests require different kinds of metal hammers to break.
Here is a little table showing the different kinds of dungeon chests;
WOOD DUNGEON CHEST - Stone Hammer or better
STRONG WOOD DUNGEON CHEST - Copper hammer or better
GOLD DUNGEON CHEST - Gold hammer or better
STRONG GOLD DUNGEON CHEST - Silver hammer or better
DIAMOND DUNGEON CHEST - Mithril hammer or better
BIOME CHESTS can be found in their particular biome. They look like this but depending on what biome they are in depends on what they look like.

The chests have varying strength with a particular kind of hammer or better needed to break them.
EGYPTIAN CHEST - Copper hammer or better
MUSHROOM CHEST - Copper hammer or better
JUNGLE CHEST - Iron hammer or better
MAYAN CHEST - Silver hammer or better
HELL CHEST - Gold hammer or better
GRAVEYARD CHEST - Gold hammer or better
The chests contain items related to their biome. EG Hell chest can contain hell stone.

[size=150]5: THE FUTURE[/size]
-I have taught you the basics of this game, however there is so much more for you to craft and make!
-Here are some links to other guides specific to a particular aspect of the game

While you were adventuring and journeying around your world, you will have picked up a few seeds and saplings.
These are used in the art of farming.
Here is where you can read all about it! -> http://wiki.pixbits.com/index.php/Planting

You may have noticed many animals wondering around your world, but did you know you can breed them and keep them as pets?! It really is quite awesome.
Here is a really indepth guide to breeding -> http://forum.pixbits.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=10270
And here is a link to a guide on the official wiki -> http://wiki.pixbits.com/index.php/Breeding

There are so many different foods you can cook to fill Jack's stomach and also heal him.
This guide teaches you the basics, but you will also need to make some cooking addons http://wiki.pixbits.com/index.php/Cooking
Cooking addons;

So you have some awesome tools and weapons, but did you know you can actually improve them with gems you find when mining?
You will need to cut your gems first -> http://wiki.pixbits.com/index.php/Cut_Gems
This will need a Jeweller's Bench -> http://wiki.pixbits.com/index.php/Jeweler_Bench
Here is a guide on encrusting -> http://wiki.pixbits.com/index.php/Encrusting

You can find even more guides on everything here!
Guides wiki page -> http://wiki.pixbits.com/index.php/Guides
Guides category -> http://wiki.pixbits.com/index.php/Category:Guides

Feel free to send me a linkto your Junk jack guides so I can add them in this topic!

Thank you so much for reading this all the way through, I hope I have set you off on your Junk Jack journey and I hope you have as much fun as I have had with this wonderful game.
[size=150]Loads of love, Tye-Dye[/size]
Have fun in the game!!!

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I'd love to help but I'm not a mod

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Its tinkerers tools on JJX

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